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UK Global Ophthalmology (UK GO) is an innovative program that promotes equity in eye health care in Kentucky and internationally, through clinical service, education, and research initiatives.

UK GO has a bold vision for the future of eye health in Kentucky and for access to eye care abroad. Program founders, Dr. Ana Bastos de Carvalho and Dr. Eric Higgins, established UK GO because of the desperate need for ophthalmic care in underserved communities in Kentucky and beyond.

Two inaugural UK GO programs, The Appalachian Eye Network and All Eyes on Appalachia, are expected to have a direct impact on the people of Kentucky. The Appalachian Eye Network is a diabetic eye disease screening network to ensure that all Kentuckians with diabetes receive the sight-saving eye care they need. All Eyes on Appalachia is a program that allows UK Healthcare professionals to provide free vision screenings and consultations to rural communities in the Commonwealth.

Internationally, UK GO is partnering with academic and health institutions in Ecuador with the ultimate goal of aiding in the expansion of the country's own eye care system.

UK GO's bold vision is only possible with support from donors like you who recognize the importance and value of its work. No one should suffer from avoidable blindness. That's why UK GO is fighting eye disease across Kentucky and beyond. Join our fight to ensure a brighter outlook for all.

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