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At the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, we have the privilege to educate future physicians and scientists in a transformational academic environment with innovative research and state-of-the-art patient care. We are an academic medical institution dedicated to providing superior education and training in order to produce highly qualified, caring physicians to serve the people of Kentucky and beyond.

The College of Medicine educational programs have long been nationally recognized for educational innovation and leadership. Our curriculum focuses on early clinical experiences; clinical and basic science integration in our systems-based approach; active learning experiences to promote habits of lifelong learning; and a commitment to the highest ideals of our profession with a focus on the patient's experience. Graduates from our medical school are competitive for the most sought after residency positions in the country, and are well prepared for clinical practice, academic opportunities, and a lifetime of service.

We are committed to serving the Commonwealth and beyond. We have shown this commitment through our outreach initiatives, like the Rural Physician Leadership Program, which is aimed at identifying, training and developing physicians to serve in Kentucky's most underrepresented health care regions.

At the UK College of Medicine, our mission is to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote professionalism, teamwork, life-long learning, empathy, scholarship, cultural sensitivity, and leadership. We understand our work is critical to the people of Kentucky and thrive under the challenge.

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