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In 2002, the School of Architecture merged with the School of Interiors and the Historic Preservation Program to become the College of Design. Today, our mission is a re-imagined College of Design, infused with Kentucky's indigenous spirit. The vision is bold: new programs, new partners, new identity, all built upon our history and its imprint on our unfolding story.

This new vision is encapsulated by a new tagline: "38°84° the power of place." These coordinates hone in on our geographical location, and with it, what this region brings to the conversation of design. "Kentucky is a place with an unsung song," said Mitzi Vernon, dean of the College of Design. "There is great opportunity here to build something new onto a rich history of place."

The college's mission is to celebrate Kentucky and its historical role in the study of design, and new plans are in place to share its story.

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If you have any questions please contact, Lori Matthews, Director of Philanthropy, at or 859.323.5290.

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