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From research to clinical practice, the UK College of Education is shaping education, not only in college classrooms, but in schools, communities, homes, businesses, health care, and more. Long recognized as a leader in education and health professions, we take great pride in producing well-prepared professionals, ready to join local and global efforts in addressing some of society's most critical needs.

Three words can sum up what motivates us as a college: inquire, innovate and inspire. In the College of Education, we work diligently with our students to discover how to turn their interests into successful careers. Our 3,000 students find numerous ways to do this through our more than 70 programs. These programs present students with challenging and fulfilling academic options. Our graduates become teachers, physical therapists, school psychologists, sports leaders, university administrators, principals, rehabilitation counselors, early childhood educators, and the list goes on.

The College of Education is a committed and diverse learning community of faculty, students and staff, rich in tradition and focused on innovation in Kentucky and across the globe. Our faculty and students are involved in active research that directly impacts the education and well-being of people around the world.

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