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The UK Education Abroad is committed to making education abroad programs accessible to all students. Getting a passport is often the first barrier that a student will encounter when seriously considering an education abroad program. By providing free passports to students who have never had one before, students have incentive to consider an international experience as part of their undergraduate career.

For Fall 2016, UK Education Abroad plans to sponsor 150 passports for first-time student travelers through gifts from donors. The impact of a providing a free passport cannot be overstated. It lifts a weight off the student's shoulders and helps UK create an environment where all students feel that they too can participate.

Zac Jones, a former Education Abroad Peer Ambassador, said that his first obstacle when applying to his Japanese language program was that he lacked a passport. He was determined to study abroad and achieve his goals so he paid the $135 for a passport, which he points out "is a big chunk of change for a college student." Your donation would help students like Zac, come one step closer to #seeblueabroad with UK.

You can support the Passport Caravan Fund on this page. If you'd like to give to another fund that is not listed, please use the search box in the upper right of this page and type in the desired fund to make your gift. We are grateful for your support!

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