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The Lettercase Outreach Program ( provides acurate, up-to-date, and baanced information to clinicians and new and expectant parents learning about a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and other genetic conditions. We have mailed thousands of free printed books to medical providers and expectant parents, providing critical information at the moment of diagnosis. We also offer free online resources in multiple languages to give lifelines of support to the most vulnerable populations.

Please join us in help us in making sure that no expectant parents feel isolated or alone following a diagnosis. We need your help to make sure no one gets left behind. Author and parent Amy Julia Becker shares, "I often suggest that new and expecting parents of children with Down syndrome page through the Lettercase [booklet], which provides accurate and up-to-date information about Down syndrome in the context of compelling photographs of children and adults living good lives."Our materials are also reviewed by leaders from medical and disability organizations and are included in peer-reviewed journals and recommended in professional guidelines by major medical organizations.

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Lettercase Outreach Program
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