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The prevention, treatment and cure for cancer will not be discovered by a single researcher or a single clinical trial. It will not come as the result of funding by a single agency or a single donor. It will require the dedicated, on-going efforts of everyone who researches, prevents, treats, and has been impacted by the disease, all working together for a common goal.

At Markey, we are committed to a single goal. It is our mission, to reduce cancer mortality in our state and region through a comprehensive program of cancer research, treatment, education, and community engagement with a particular focus on the underserved population of Appalachian Kentucky. Every day, our researchers are making advances in the understanding of the disease. Whether it is publishing study results that show the possibility of creating a three-dimensional model system to investigate how breast cancer cells invade lung tissue; being awarded a grant to investigate how communication networks influence Appalachians' lung cancer screening behaviors; or serving as the lead in a national network seeking to eliminate tobacco-related health disparities in underserved or high-risk populations, the Markey community is at the front of cancer research.

As Kentucky's only NCI-designated cancer center, Markey intends to make the most of every opportunity before us in our fight against cancer.

The Appalachian region faces an enormous challenge. Kentucky, and specifically the Appalachian area of the state, has both the highest incidence of cancer and the highest cancer mortality rate in the country. Factors such as obesity, smoking and poor access to health care in rural regions have made the challenge of combating cancer even more daunting.

Although our challenges are significant, so too are our efforts to fight the disease. As Kentucky's only National Cancer Institute-designated facility, the UK Markey Cancer Center has a tremendous responsibility to the people of Kentucky. It is our goal to significantly reduce cancer mortality in the Commonwealth. To do this, we need your help.We have made significant strides in our efforts through breakthroughs in technology, research, and patient education and screening. However, continuous investments must be made in these areas to continue our progress towards finding a cure.

The value of health care ultimately lies in the difference it makes in people's lives. At Markey, we've accepted the challenge to help lessen the toll cancer takes on patients and their families, and to help Kentuckians live longer, fuller, healthier lives. Join us in our fight to end cancer by making a gift today.

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