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Today, someone in the US develops Alzheimer's every 69 seconds, which in turn makes this disease the 6th leading cause of death across all ages. In addition, Alzheimer's is the leading cause of dementia, and affects 1 in 8 people aged 65 and older. Based on these statistics, this disease affects each of us in one shape or another. The good news is – there are people who have dedicated their careers to finding a way to not only slow the progression of this devastating disease, but to eventually find a cure. However, we need your help to reach this goal.

Our mission at the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging (SBCoA) is to improve the health of the elderly in Kentucky and beyond through research dedicated to understanding the aging process and age-related brain diseases, and education, outreach and clinical programs that promote healthy brain aging.

Competitive grant funding supports our day to day operations, but private donations help fund much of the research we do. Private gifts also allow us to provide community support, education, and training to individuals who are faced with caring for a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. In short, private gifts are essential to our mission of research and education to treat, and ultimately, to prevent debilitating brain disorders.

Please consider making a gift to the SBCoA and to help us change the lives of older persons in Kentucky and nationwide.

You can support the Alzheimers Disease Research Fund (Sanders Brown Center on Aging) on this page. If you'd like to give to another fund that is not listed, please use the search box in the upper right of this page and type in the desired fund to make your gift. We are grateful for your support!

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