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Horse parasites are developing increasing levels of resistance to all available dewormers, and there are no new drugs under development. Dr. Martin Nielsen's research team is devoted to providing solutions for worm control in horses. The team maintains a unique and valuable population of healthy horses, which have been kept on pasture without deworming since 1979.

Gifts to Nielsen Parasitology Fund will provide research revenue for the important work Dr. Nielsen's research team conducts. In particular, the team is seeking support to maintain quality feeding and care for the unique population of horses. Your valuable support allows the College to be flexible, responsive and demonstrate the truth that there is power in numbers.

You can support the Nielsen Parasitology Fund on this page. If you'd like to give to another fund that is not listed, please use the search box in the upper right of this page and type in the desired fund to make your gift. We are grateful for your support!

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    I'm supporting ongoing horse parasite research as the future well-being of horses is at stake and the international horse economy will benefit.